Serial Culture

Serial Culture is Halton’s Youth Zine exploring the lives and art of young people aged 11-25 in Halton.

We did a call out to find young people interested in writing in late 2020 and from there, established a core editorial team of regular article writers.

Each young person on the editorial team has their own recurring article theme, such as Wanderlust by Mia Ridehalgh exploring travel and The Scarlet Watch film review from Elkie Atherton. It’s a chance for the writers to share their interests with a wider audience and shout about their passions.

Every issue gives the chance for other young people to come forward with their ideas for articles, artworks, poetry and everything in between.

The cover each month features artwork from a young local artist and follow up questions so we can learn more about the world behind their artwork.

We also enjoy shining a spotlight on people in the community with our ‘Community Talks’ articles, so we can learn more about what is going on in our Borough and how 11-25’s can get involved with it.

We are currently working on our third issue to be released in July and we are so thrilled at how well the zine has been received, with an outpouring of positive comments.

We can’t wait to see the magic created and are always looking for your submissions and ideas. Want to get involved? Drop us an email

It’s so important to give young people a platform in which to share their views as they are the next generation of changemakers and are thankful Halton Borough Council and The Studio have provided that platform.

Read the latest issue of Serial Culture above or click here to open it in a new tab.